We will be in Dallas, Texas on Friday the 20th, Saturday the 21st, Sunday the 22nd Monday the 24th and Tuesday the 25th of August 2021

This event will be co-hosted by Bill Barnett and Kevin Mills

Dallas is home to more fortune 500 companies than anywhere else in the country and has strong real estate investment opportunities.

Texas has been seeing phenomenal growth for years and Dallas has been one of the fastest growing cities for years and is expected to continue to grow for at least the next 10 or more years.

Investors in Dallas can utilize a wealth of different investment strategies to earn amazing short term and long term returns for themselves.

Bill and Kevin has been investing in and involved in projects in the Dallas and greater Dallas Metroplex for over decades and are still actively investing in both real estate and other business ventures. Bill is a Dallas area resident and intimately familiar with the Metroplex. Kevin has until recently maintained a home in Frisco for personal use while investing and visiting friends in family.

At this power packed 5 day event, you will learn;

Strategies to find, negotiate and acquire existing

  • Residential single family
  • Multi family
  • Vacant buildings
  • Abandoned buildings
  • Retail properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Brown fields
  • Land
  • and other existing propertiesā€¦

You will also learn how to invest in new construction and new developments for;

  • Residential single-family
  • Multi-family
  • Retail properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Self Storage
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • and moreā€¦.

How to repair, rehab and develop properties to be profitable investments.

Specific strategies for the different ways to profit from owning these properties. How and when to cash out of these properties.

How to benefit from appreciation, equity building and cash flow.

How to understand costs, expenses and profits, how to accurately calculate costs and profits.

How to reinvest profits to exponentially grow your real estate portfolio and income.

Money strategies, including how to find private money for your deals, investor financing and more.

In these three days we will focus on market specific strategies for the Dallas area and Texas as a whole.

Watch this page for our next schedule event in Dallas. When you register, plan to come ready to buy, stay in the Dallas area after this event and put your knowledge to work immediately acquiring performing assets for your portfolio.

Classes will fill FAST!!!!

This event is currently priced at $2,495 for these life changing four days. The price may go up for this event as seats fill.

Because we are limiting registration for this event, please contact us directly through email. contact@investorguyspodcast.com

As an added benefit, all participants are eligible to join us again at any Dallas Buyers Event in the future at no additional charge and deep discounts for any other future events hosted by The Investor Guys including Buyers Events in other cities.



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