November 15th thru 19th 2021

This event will be hosted by Bill Barnett and Kevin Mills

Kevin grew up in North East Ohio and has been investing in the Cleveland area for decades and is intimately familiar with the area. Bill has recently become a Cleveland area investor and loves the returns and strategies the Cleveland market offers investors

Welcome to a very special opportunity to be part of the next Cleveland Real Estate Buyers Event.

What is the Cleveland Real Estate Buyers Event? It is an amazing, hands on, put high performing, cash flow properties into your portfolio right away event. Why Cleveland, 50%, 75% and greater annual ROI’s, that’s why!! We pull out all of the stops for this event in Cleveland to provide participants with the most amazing experience and opportunities.

The Cleveland Real Estate Buyers Event grew out of the FAMOUS event that started it all.

We will show you the strategy to make what you will learn scalable so that you can exponentially grow your investments and income. You could be doubling, tripling, even quadrupling your portfolio value, equity and passive income.

We will show you the actual and very real strategies and the math to back it up. We’ll even show you how to find investors and private money to work with you in your investments. ALL you have to do is get out and do it and follow the strategies we lay out for you. The BEST part? it ISN’T difficult!!! YES, this training is THAT amazing!!! What could you do with this knowledge?

Attendees of the Cleveland Real Estate Buyers Events obtain first hand knowledge and real world experience. This unique Life Changing Real Estate Event will be held in Cleveland Ohio November 15th thru 19th. Attendees will be looking at and will have direct access to actual investment properties with 50% and greater annual ROI’s. Not properties out of our inventory, not properties we are wholesaling, actual, real properties that we will show you how to find and purchase. You will receive the training and actual experience to invest in Cleveland and continue to invest in Cleveland with these same types of returns from anywhere in the world.

The knowledge, resources and contacts attendees will acquire at this Real Estate Buyers Event is beyond amazing. Participants can immediately start using this knowledge, resources, contacts and more to start building their own real estate wealth, even with no actual money of their own invested.

We will also show you how to use this knowledge, resources and contacts to build investment partnerships that will start earning you returns in as little as a few months.

The principle content of this training is for investors who want to have a low stress investing experience, spend limited amounts of their time and effort and get amazing results. That’s right, be a Millionaire doing it the easy way and we will show you exactly how to do it.

Attendees are shown first hand the types of properties to buy and where and how to buy them in Cleveland. Attendees learn the specific proven strategies for Cleveland that mean maximum cash-flows for their investments. Attendees learn how to build a local team in Cleveland to support their investments and investing efforts. What to look for and what to expect from those team members. Attendees are introduced to local professionals including licensed real estate agents that will provide attendees a steady supply of properties that fit these criteria. Property managers familiar with Cleveland and the strategies we utilize to maximize our cash-flows. Lending sources that specialize in investor finance in Cleveland. Service professionals in Cleveland and more. Attendees are welcome to use these professionals to build their own team or seek out qualified professionals that meet their specific needs.

We will show attendees of the Cleveland Real Estate Buyers Event how to find these properties and evaluate them. We will, as a group, identify and evaluate properties available right away in Cleveland and select properties that meet the investment criteria we have laid out. Attendees at Cleveland Real Estate Buyers should plan to review these properties in person in the days after this event but we will physically tour available properties selected by participants on Monday. Participants in this event are encouraged to make offers on these properties. Investors who attend this Cleveland Real Estate Buyers Event ready to invest in great properties will put performing assets in their portfolios right away. It is that simple.

Are you ready to take your investing game to the next level?

At this power packed 5 day event, you will learn;

Strategies to find, negotiate and acquire existing

  • Residential single family
  • Multi family
  • Vacant buildings
  • Abandoned buildings
  • Retail properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Brown fields
  • Land
  • and other existing properties…

You will also learn how to invest in new construction and new developments for;

  • Residential single-family
  • Multi-family
  • Retail properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Self Storage
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • and more….

How to repair, rehab and develop properties to be profitable investments.

Specific strategies for the different ways to profit from owning these properties. How and when to cash out of these properties.

How to benefit from appreciation, equity building and cash flow.

How to understand costs, expenses and profits, how to accurately calculate costs and profits.

How to reinvest profits to exponentially grow your real estate portfolio and income.

In these five days we focus on market specific strategies for Cleveland.

Don’t let opportunity pass you by. Register now for just $2,495 for these five amazing days in Cleveland.

This event is currently priced at $2,495 for these life changing five days. The price may go up for this event as seats fill.

Because we are limiting registration for this event, please contact us directly through email.

As an added benefit, all participants are eligible to join us again at any Cleveland Buyers Event in the future at no additional charge and deep discounts for any other future events hosted by The Investor Guys including Buyers Events in other cities.



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