I hear people ask all of the time, why is it that companies like Amazon and Uber don’t pay taxes but other companies like General Motors and Mc Donald’s pay huge taxes? These people and even you might be surprised to learn that there are legal and ethical ways to minimize your tax burden, even to zero as in the case of Amazon, Uber and many other companies. This is not just deciding not to pay your taxes. These are very real and very legal strategies that you need to know.

Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur or business owner, you need to know and understand how to protect and grow your assets, how to minimize your tax burden and how to do businesses with the various different entities available to us. How to set them up, how to use them, how to use them together, what they can and can’t do for you for personal and business protection, asset protection and wealth building.

Using these different business structures correctly can help protect you and your family as well as your business. Protect your personal and business assets and grow assets and acquire additional credit.

This course will show you the differences between each of these entitles. How to set them up, when, where and how to use them and how to use them together for maximum effect.

You don’t need to pay an attorney or service to set up these entities correctly. This course will cover how and where to set these entities up on your own and save you thousands.

There are requirements for running, reporting and the bookkeeping on each of these entitles. This course will help you understand these requirements and how to fulfill them to maintain your successful and effective entity.

Learn how to;

  • Maintain anonymity
  • Protect you and your family from legal action
  • Protect your businesses from legal action
  • Quickly obtain business credit with and without a personal guarantee
  • Protect all of your assets from any legal actions
  • Legally and ethically minimize your business taxes
  • Legally and ethically minimize your personal taxes
  • Generate income
  • Generate investment capital
  • Build business credit separate from your own
  • Pass businesses and assets to heirs tax free
  • Fast track wealth building
  • and more

This is the event that will make you and your business more powerful, more effective and more protected and will quickly pay for itself.

Our next Corporations, Trusts, LLC’s and Partnerships course is scheduled for February 26th, 27th and 28th in West Palm Beach Florida.

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Because we are limiting registration for this event, please contact us directly through email. contact@investorguyspodcast.com

For the safety and health of all, registration for this class will have limited attendance. Participants will need to wear masks and observe best practices as it applies to comply with local requirements and to be safe. Much of this is subject to change due to the fluid nature of COVID-19.